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Realize your venture's future now

We help ventures create opportunity by offering seamless and continuous integration of
brand, strategy, content, and technology.


Traction marketing is the process of creating opportunities for people to find your website when they're looking for your service or product. Attract your key audience.

  • Venture Acceleration
  • Traction 
  • Transformative Software and Internet of Things


Beyond optimization to raise your page rank and increase hits to your website. We engage audience.

We work with you to create an online presence that gets conversions: inquiries, leads, phone calls, etc...

Conversions are our goal, whatever those conversions may be for you.


The key to conversions is to know who your customers are and how they search for your product. Once known, these steps follow:

  • Get attention & engagement.
  • Gain their trust and motivate them to act.
  • Help them to take action and execute a conversion.

Areas of Practice

Your Audience

Your Audience

Is looking for you, they have a compelling need for your product, service or cause.

Get their attention.
Engage them in compelling ways.
Gain their trust and motivate them to act.
Involve them in an active conversion.

Your Brand Strategy

Your Brand Strategy

Tell your story with a comprehensive and integrated narrative.

Define the uniqueness of your brand.
Your narrative is the attractor.
The call to action is the message.
Every interaction is an opportunity.

Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Systems based framework integrating technology and social development theory.

Open Innovation and Development.
Agile Ninja Process.
Peer to Peer Collaboration.
Filter Model - Business Building Workshop.

Your Future is Now

Your Future is Now

Realization of sustainable business objectives in a technology driven post industrial world.

Create real value.
Create meaningful partnerships.
Participate in the peer to peer economy.
Be there now!

  • City Tech Pre College

  • Everett Hoag Fashion

  • Gold Handle Exhibits

  • Gurfein Douglas, LLC

  • Holistic Education Exchange

  • Jersey City Film Commision

  • NYC Friends of Clearwater

  • NYS Academy of Trial Lawyers


  • Paulus Hook Community Association

  • Project for the Advancement of a Common Humanity

  • Schmelkin Associates, PC

  • Silver & Kellmacher, LLC

  • Total Coordination Partners

  • Transformative Communities

  • Transition Neighborhoods Hub

  • Trial1

  • Watch Online CLE