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Brand Development A 360 Experience Of Your Venture

Brands are expressive elements of a multidimensional vision. 

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Concrete poetry and brand building

Concrete poetry refers to objects or events that are available to the senses. Through the poetry of brainstorming and intention, we express your brand in concrete terms, in a sense, your brand is a result of the imagining of your business. The brand expresses and carries your vision to the world.

Brand is your value proposition and all they experience when in engaging your products and services. The responsibility of the logo and name is to convey the essence of your venture. As the first impression, it should be a clear concise representation using text and iconic imagery but is realized throughout all the interactions a constituent has with your offering.

Your Brand Story Goes Everywhere

Through the brand every interaction can offer a value proposition creating a story, in essence, the brand becomes your identity, the face you show the world. 

brand processBusiness branding is extremely crucial for anyone who wants to get involved in attraction marketing as this is a way to give potential clients a bit of a push to seek further information about various business opportunities with you.

Our teams work to identify who you're trying to communicate with, develop a compelling story, and translate it into visual elements that communicate what your business offers through words, images, colors, fonts and more.

Why Tell Brand Stories?

Our lives revolve around stories. Our society, culture, and economy are informed by our shared stories. We understand that every interaction is a part of the story. The interaction that is happening now is the most important of all. What is happening, at the moment of engagement, at the touchpoint, as your brand continues to interact in the world, becomes part of your evolving story. We naturally connect the dots. And dots connected in a stimulating way are called great stories. Great stories win hearts and minds.

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Artful Storytelling

We tell brand stories across multiple media. The story is always changing and the people you’re communicating with are going about their lives surrounded by an unprecedented ocean of content, products and leisure opportunities. The right story and impactful media help to determine if they choose to sail on or stop and notice.

Telling stories across multiple media – transmedia storytelling – allows the story to expand, reaching people that are interested with responsive calls to action and engagment.

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