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About Venture Acceleration

We’re a digital venture acceleration organization working to keep you engaged with current digital services.

Our teams make your brand go inbound. Face it, it’s a more empathetic, human-friendly effective approach to marketing and sales. Share our vision and applications. Our motto is simple: Work with us. We’re technology and culture ninjas. The thing that matters most: Your Results.


  • about vaThe Venture Acceleration community of practice takes an integral approach to our company’s culture.
  • We’ve already disrupted the market, now we transform it. 
  • We attract buyers, we don't interrupt them.
  • We commit to an agile approach - both in our mission and our metrics.
  • We deliver quick value and keep our eyes on the bigger road map.
  • We reveal and develop emerging tech opportunities.
  • We question the status quo and verify results.
  • We share openly and are committed to new forms of collaboration.
  • We believe our best advantage is our community of remarkable, innovative people.


People change how they live and work. Society and technology are rapidly changing stories. Our mission is to help people evolve and ventures to grow into success. We want to transform how to attract, engage and delight customers. Every touchpoint is an event—an opportunity to build brand and engage clients.


A Multi-Disciplinary Management Team

Fred Sullivan

Busines and Innovation Strategy, Branding, Marketing Strategy

fred croppedFred is a Silicon Alley pioneer and leader in the development of websites and multimedia since 1994. Over the past two decades, Fred has maintained a strong record as an entrepreneur and consultant in IT, multimedia, and entertainment. Early on he realized that every time he made a website, it could be a new company or a chance to revitalize and redesign a venture. Among Fred's high impact projects was to design the website framework for the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, an initiative that enabled countries to unite and collaborate before the Rome Treaty Conference which ultimately led to the formation of the International Criminal Court in 2002 to try crimes against humanity. He also founded LiQ, a shopping search engine, in 1998, an internet company that sold for $48 million, and the interactive agency NetReaction, founded in 1997. This firm created Pihana Pacific's online marketing and branding strategy, a plan that resulted in Pihana's successful merger with Equinix (EQIX on the NASDAQ) in 2002. Along the way, he has consulted on many other technology start-ups, as well as for Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies such as Trammell Crow and Sumitomo Corporation. At his firm AVdrive, he Created mobile phone programming prototypes for Sony-DoCOMO.

Karla Bonne

Operational Strategy and Execution; Non-Profit Board Development

Karla Bonne

Karla brings a unique balance of operational leadership depth, financial acumen, and strategic agility, with an emphasis on evaluation, problem-solving and implementation.  With over 20 years of expertise in the social impact arena across various sectors (non-profit, university, NYC Government), she has led large, multi-location offices and teams, providing strategic leadership as well as day-to-day operations management.

Karla brings a disciplined business approach stemming from her finance background.  She has worked through significant operational complexity in her career, most recently in her role at the Anti-Defamation League, where she was responsible for the success of 27 regional offices, while also setting strategic direction across the organization.

Karla pioneer’s agency-wide organizational changes by focusing on fiscal, programmatic and staff performance.  She drives accountability by building key metrics and implementing performance management systems to create ownership and greater organizational effectiveness.  When she believed the events-driven fundraising approach to the social sector was no longer a viable revenue approach, she pushed for earned income and corporate gift strategies, and guided the organization through this transition.

Additional areas of expertise include board development and donor relations, as well as serving as a performance coach, mentor, and advisor to both staff and board members.

Karla has an MBA in Finance from Fordham University, has worked at the Anti-Defamation League, The New School University and the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development, and has done consulting work with various social impact organizations for the Taproot Foundation. She is currently on the boards of the Man Up Campaign and the New York Cycling Club.

Laurie Petersen

Editorial Direction, Business Development Mentor

LauriePetersenLaurie Petersen draws on more than 25 years of direct experience as a reporter, editor, digital media executive, M&A researcher, teacher, mentor, and entrepreneur. She’s worked with companies such as CBS, The New York Times, The Economist, American Lawyer Media, ADWEEK and AOL. Laurie also has direct knowledge of the legal and professional services industries. She led business development for New York-based investment banking boutique, Gruppo, Levey & Co., after serving as executive producer of TheDeal.com, a web-based community for professional dealmakers. A pioneer throughout her career, Laurie was also involved in startup ventures at iVillage and Barnes&Noble.com. In 2008, she launched an award-winning virtual world teaching kids about money. As editor-in-chief of AOL Jobs, Laurie pulled together her diverse experiences to help people around the country build satisfying careers. Laurie also served on the advisory board of the Rowan University School of Entrepreneurship. She received her B.A. in Communications from Rowan University when it was still called Glassboro State College and a mini-MBA in digital marketing from the Rutgers Business School.

Maggie Hallahan

Brand and Marketing Strategy


Maggie Hallahan is a widely respected Visual Brand Development Expert. Her award-winning work has been used worldwide in Print, Billboards, TV, digital displays from Times Square to Ginza, and throughout the intensely changing internet area. After a decade as a freelance foreign correspondent, based in San Francisco and Tokyo, Maggie worked for German magazine Focus as a global correspondent for a decade, traveling the world working on news and human interest stories. Companies such as AMO USA, Disney International, Electronic Arts and Microsoft have enjoyed Maggie's collaborative creative process. Maggie works with businesses helping them develop a visual identity through real-people casting, emotional connection to talent, environment, and authentic usage of light and color techniques.

Jim Hurd

Business Development, Finance

jim hurdJim Hurd builds powerful strategic alliances - for the last fourteen years - for significant public-private partnerships and leading start-up companies. He creates these alliances for start-ups with Fortune 100 corporations, with investors and sovereign funds and with government innovation initiatives.   Jim is active in Silicon Valley and Beijing on leading US-China cleaner energy initiatives since 2005.   He was on the 2010 Energy Faculty of Singularity University, based in Mountain View, CA.  Jim works with Senators, Congressmen and their staffers on Capitol Hill to develop technology and innovation initiatives.  Jim has been a first and second round judge for the 2007 - 2009 World Bank Development Gateway Awards in Washington, DC and has actively participated in the scale-up of technologies for developing countries since 2002.

Jessica Robinson

Cyber Security Leader, Safe Space Creator

Jessica-RobinsonAs a security expert and outsourced CISO/CSO, Jessica provides cyber technology solutions, conducts risk assessments and employee training on cyber and physical security, information protection, and threat prevention. Create the right security strategy for your business to protect you and your clients, complete employee training, conduct assessments in physical and cyber security, loss prevention, risk mitigation/business continuity and help you select the right tech solutions for your business. We help you mitigate risks from the inside out. Additionally, Jessica works frequently with social enterprises and women-led organizations supporting international and women's security initiatives.



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