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Venture Acceleration Lab Develops Your Value Creation Engine

In the Venture Acceleration Lab, we help entrepreneurial and social ventures generate the value creation engines of your enterprise. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of emerging technology and social change, the Lab is a hub for understanding, developing, growing, and supporting transformative ventures.  We like to work with ventures that challenge some of the greatest problems our world faces today. 

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We use a variety of methods to facilitate interdisciplinary lab sessions with your key team members along with our experts use tools such as our Innovation Filter Model, SWOT Analysis, and Lean Canvas, and financial modeling to structure and format our strategic services deliverables.

The VA proprietary innovation system the Innovation Filter Model™, where we consider a stakeholder’s compelling needs and roadblocks against attractors through the cycle of your venture processes. This process allows the whole team to get on the same page as envision critical products, services designs and platforms the venture will use to develop value for their community.

Learning and using tools like the filter model serve to map out your visions and allow your team to in parallel analyze the environment, identify opportunities, design systems, and process, begin agile implementation of prototypes and identify critical resources and partners to launch or refresh a venture.


You don't have innovation if your new ideas aren't creating value. A baseline principle is that organizations must implement plans and programs identified as most effective in delivering value to stakeholders. We take that a step further by asking what real value are we creating for ourselves and others in the world. Real Value in a venture creates in many dimensions beyond monetary terms and is mutually defined missions both in individually and in aggregate in a ventures founding team. Most innovation cannot be realized by a single individual but an organization and for a community. The most successful ventures create value that scales to benefit many many people. We help our ventures develop solutions to challenges and create value on a local to global scale.

A clear awareness the stage of the business lifecycle you are currently in clarifies objectives. As your business grows and develops, so too do your business aims, priorities, and strategies. We help ventures at all stages but are looking for change an inflection point of growth. 

formation growth diagramThe Phases of A Venture Formation

  • Ideating
  • Concept
  • Committing
  • Validating
  • Scaling
  • Establishing

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